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Somali Week Festival 2016


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Somali Week Festival Programme 

CSO's response to attack that occurred near Russell Square, 03/08/2016

Yesterday evening, around 10.30pm and near the Imperial Hotel, Russell Square, a young man who has been named as Zakaria Bulham attacked and injured 6 members of the public using a knife, killing a US citizen. The victim has since been named as Darlene Horton.

CSO became aware early this morning that the perpetrator is of Somali origin. Since becoming aware we have responded to media inquiries and used our contacts including staff at the Metropolitan Police Service to obtain accurate information about the event and the perpetrator.


Somali role models give back

A mentoring scheme conference for young Somalis from the ages of 16-25 took place in Camden Town Hall on 27 May 2016.

The mentoring scheme event was delivered and hosted by Iswada. The aim of the mentoring programme is to empower young people in their academic and career choices by providing them with a mentor in the form of a Somali professional. The mentor’s role is to encourage and guide young Somalis in the plethora of opportunities that are available to them as well as providing them assistance in writing a good CV and cover letter.


Hayaan Project

On 26 May 2016 a workshop was delivered by Hayaan Project focusing on mental health issues within the Somali community in Brent. The session was also led by a National Mind researcher who wanted to get the participants views on digital well-being.


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