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Developing collaborations to tackle hate and inequality

Since March 2017, CSO has been working with Lampton School to improve outcomes for Somali children when it comes to attainment, aspiration, behaviour and developing their self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills. Through a number of tailored activities we have been helping young Somali boys in particular. Through mentoring using individual learning plans we have been able to jointly set with pupils targets and goals and help we have helped them take steps to achieve these goals. Through regulalry coffee mornings and seminars with parents we have helped them to better understand the English education system, the importance of attending parent's evenings, of taking up extra-curricular activities being offered by the school, and how they can create a positive ansd supportive home learning environment which will enable their child to succeed. Through regular talks by professionals from the same background as the children we have also helped raise aspirations and instil in the child that with hard work they could achieve.