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Developing new initiatives: Somali Media Advisory Group; Somali Deaf Centre; Somali Knife Crime Forum



Despite their long presence in Britain and significant contributions to the wider community, stereotypes, misrepresentations, and negative images are often bandied around about Somalis in public discourses. To tackle this problem, MediaTrust in partnership with CSO, have helped to develop the Somali Media Advisory Group (SMAG), an independent unincorporated association. 10 individuals dedicated to advancing a true picture of the Somali communityin Briatin have received:

  • Training in media interview skills (TV, radio and print) and social media
  • Networking opportunities with media industry professionals
  • One-to-one mentoring with a media industry professional 
  • Capacity building support 

The aim of SMAG, led by its Chair,  Aisha Abdullah, is to  improve the perception and image of the Somali community represented in local, regional and mainstream media in the UK.

SMAG's main objectives include: 

  • To be spokespeople on behalf of the Somali community, representing and responding to existing and emerging media
  • To increase the number of positive stories about the British Somali community in the media
  • To support and signpost Somali organisations and the wider community to relevant media resources and contacts

SMAG's values are: 

The values will seek to engage and empower the UK Somali community and other stakeholders to contribute to the achievement of the overall the mission statement of the group.

  • Leadership - Every charity is headed by an effective board that provides strategic leadership in line with the charity’s purposes and values.
  • Integrity - To act morally and ethically in all matters undertaken on behalf of the group, in line with its code of conduct, to help achieve the organisation’s objectives. The importance of stakeholders’ confidence and trust in the advisory group management committee members to undertake their duties accordingly.
  • Objectivity -
  • Accountability –To be responsible in
  • Transparency - Clarity and unambiguous in all our work practices, with full disclosure.
  • Innovative – to be pioneering and original