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We have moved, 10 Manor Gardens London N7 6LA, new telephone number 0208 064 0161

Celebrating 10 years of CSO

Trust for London supports small and new communities to have a greater voice at decision and policy making forums. The Trust believes CSO can bring together different Somali organisations in London and play a strategic role to influence more inclusive policies for the benefit of Somali community in capital.

City Bridge Trust is committed to strengthening minority ethnic and refugee community organisations by encouraging their collaboration.  By bringing together Somali community organisations, the Council of Somali Organisations is helping to provide a strategic voice for London’s Somali community.

London Voluntary Services Council (LVSC) is pleased to be working with the Council of Somali Organisations (CSO). As a member of LVSC the organisation provides a strategic voice and leadership for the Somali Community.

The Council of Somali Organisations is a vital resource in assisting Somali community organisations to develop and improve their services to one of the most deprived communities in the UK.  At the same time the CSO seeks to bring members of the Somali community and their organisations together to increase collaboration and ensure that the voice of Somalis is heard more effectively by statutory and health services.

BTEG was pleased to provide strategic leadership support to the new Council of Somali Organisations (CSO).  It is vital that Somali organisations have a voice in London and beyond.