Somalis in the UK: Our Everyday Heroes

This video show cases the professional contributions of British Somalis in media, education, health, local politics and social services. The first Somalis to arrive in Britain were economic migrants in 19th Century. Merchant seamen settled in cities including Cardiff, Liverpool, and London. Funded by the People's Post Code Lottery.

CSO Mental Health Training with Dr Habib

CSO's Work for the Somali Community in the UK

CSO is a national second tier organisation set up for the Somali Voluntary and Community Sectors to assist as an umbrella organisation. It aims to provide a collective voice for the Somali Community in the UK in areas of Health & Wellbeing, Criminal Justice, Education, Poverty Reduction and Economic empowerment. We have over 200 members across the UK, including 43 Somali led Mosques.

How to Report Hate Incidents & Crime by HAVSO (English & Somali)

This video is produced by HAVSO, CSO Member organisation, on how to report Hate Incidents & Crime for the Somali Community

Elays Network Video on Hate Incidents & Crime

This video is the English version of a short video for the Somali Community produced by Elays Network, CSO Member organisation.

CSO Community Safety Guidance in Somali (English Guidance)

This is Guidance from the Council of Somali Organisations for its Membership and Somali led Mosques on How to organise community safety .

SOCOPA - Council of Somali Organisations

HADEA - Council of Somali Organisations

Dream Chaser Youth Club - Council of Somali Organisations

Bristol Somali Resource Centre - Council of Somali Organisations