Out of Covid: Voice of Somali Led Organisations

We are pleased to celebrate and showcase the amazing work of Somali led organisations. Organisations featured include SOCOPA, Dream Chaser Youth Club, Bristol Somali Resource Centre & HADEA.


The March 23rd, 2020, marked the first day of the UK’s national lockdown on Coronavirus. Since then, we have experienced loss, isolation and quarantine whilst simultaneously coping with the mundane day-to-day activities. We hope you enjoy this video!

Eviction Webinar - Advice UK & CSO (Part 3)

Eviction Webinar - Advice UK & CSO (Part 2)

Eviction Webinar - Advice UK & CSO (Part 1)

COVID-19: Getting the help you need (Somali)

Medical Aid Films, supported by the British Medical Association, created this COVID-19 animation providing valuable information for communities in the UK.

NHS Rapid Lateral Flow Testing (Somali)

Anyone can now access free, rapid lateral flow tests (LFDs) for themselves and their families to use twice a week, in line with clinical guidance.

National Lottery Meeting - 13th April 2021

Covid-19 Vaccine Myth Busting

Joined by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, we encourage the Somali community to get a Covid-19 vaccine. We look at some of the myths surrounding the vaccine with Dr Samira Hassan and Imaam Abdulkarim Haji Yusuf.

Completing the Census 2021 (Somali)

We have put together a presentation providing information and guidance on completing the 2021 Census in Somali.